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The leading retailer of vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements in the United Kingdom is called Holland and Barrett. The health supplement sector has been Holland & Barrett's primary focus for the majority of its more than 80 years in business. Over 620 of their stores can be found throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, making them a common sight in the majority of the country's major cities and towns. They provide one of the most comprehensive employee training programs available in the retail sector, in addition to an unrivaled selection of natural health food products and an obsessive dedication to providing high-quality items at unbeatable prices.


To build a digital presence and shopping experience considering the existing style guide for Holland and Barrett.

Brain Storming

To provide customers with an improved online shopping and e-commerce experience while simultaneously raising their level of awareness regarding wellness and healthcare.

Team & Timeline

2018 - 2019

Self Directed, Social Media Managers, and Stakeholders.

Leveraging mental models and implementing actionable features.

I took advantage of the product consumers' knowledge of other products and interfaces that they were already familiar with, which led to streamlined interactions, improved learnability, and enhanced usability overall. Additionally, the provision of functions like information cues when searching for a certain product would boost both the purchase rate of the product.

Integrating multi-channel model

The vast majority of people in India are unaware of the existence of the brand because the product has only recently been introduced there. Additionally, customers of businesses related to health and wellness come from all different age brackets. We've built a blog section for Holland and Barrett India by not only developing a website that's mobile-friendly, we also wrote blogs that helped to boost the backlinks for the website and its digital presence.